19 December 2010

A Cold Day at the Beach is Still A Day at the Beach

I love the beach, the ocean and pretty much everything that goes along with it.  To that extent , I have made many very important life and career choices with the simple goal of ensuring that I am never more than a car ride away from the beach.  From getting a degree in Oceanography, to taking a job at Ocean and Coastal Consultants, to my summers as a lifeguard, the beach has always been a part of daily life.  Because of this, I have had the opportunity to go to and work in some really cool places.  I have worked on FEMA projects in south Florida, I've helped to design shoreline and scour protection projects in Turks and Caicos, I've inspected docks in piers in Aruba, and I've worked on erosion control projects in the British Virgin Islands.
"working in BVI"

However, with the good comes the bad...  I've had some pretty rough days in the field too.  This past week, I spent a day performing an as-built survey of an erosion control project in Barnegat Bay.  The day included a frigid boat ride to the site, hoping in the water in waders and breaking through ice to get to the site, and finishing off with a little bit of snow.  Despite the cold and the ice, I remembered something I've pretty much known all along, a cold day in the field is better than a day in the office.  Especially when it includes a short trip to the beach!
Working in Barnegat Bay

The beach!

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