29 February 2012

Buenos Aires Velodrome... will it actually stand up.

We've reached that part of the term, usually a little after the half way point, where we create wall sections and build structural models of a typical bay to see if our structure will work. This seems to be the point where my background in engineering and affinity for designing straight lines and 90 degree corners really pays dividends; especially during the model making part. Don't get me wrong, I think tensile structures, hyperbolic parabola roofs and "Bird's Nest" type structures are really cool, just not the first thing I gravitate towards when I start a design. The good news is, when comes to building these structures, my factor of safety will be very reasonable!

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24 February 2012

Victorian Front Porch

It's neat to design something small, bring it into the workshop on 11x17 plans and build it. Working on large scale school projects like a velodrome, that will never get built, is still pretty fun. However, designing a rather large, covered front porch that is, one day in the near future, probably going to get built, AWESOME!

My good friend, @squallco, and his wife and newborn, recently bought a home in a beautiful,  historic part of NJ, with plans to renovate and move in. Part of the renovations included a new porch that fits in with the historic character of the house and the neighborhood. The design intention was to design something that, with minimal ornamentation, fit into the existing parti, yet kept that modern, clean feel to it. We are still in the process of finalizing the designs, but to this point, it's been a lot of fun! Can't wait to take this to the next level!

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20 February 2012

Latest StudioView360 News

The CMG workshop and the gang at studioview360 are working on some really exciting new projects. Right now, we are working on developing 3D SketchUp components and Revit families for a company that makes Emergency Lighting systems intended to be architecturally pleasing and visually unobtrusive when not in use. We are also working on renderings that show how well they integrate with the design during normal conditions, as well as their lighting properties during emergency situations. We're still finishing up several things, but draft renderings below. As always, we welcome your input for improvement. Thanks.


For more information, drop us a line at

13 February 2012

Mid Point for the Buenos Aires Velodrome

In a few short days, I'll be at the half way point for my Velodrome design. I finally think I have the concept down and incorporated, now it's time to start looking at details, structural , etc. The main design intention for the velodrome is to play off of the juxtaposition between the linear, orthogonal urban grid with the inherent dynamics of this type of structure. The facades along the streets, which incorporate parts of the velodrome program as well as market space as well as space for a branch of a local university, stay tight to the sidewalk and stick to the urban fabric. The interior parts of the site, which includes new, open park space, is much more dynamic, including a multimedia, interactive curtain wall which will add to the "movement" of the interior portions of the site. Stay tuned, more to come!

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07 February 2012

Home Made Valentine's Day Gifts from the Workshop

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, the workshop is busy making new seasonal decorations, including table centerpieces, garden decorations and a mantle piece for the fireplace! All very simple designs that make for a thoughtful gift. I have full size patterns available, just send me a message through the Contact page. Enjoy!

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04 February 2012

Buenos Aires Velodrome - Schematic Design Phase

After almost a year of working on designing a master plan for the Drexel campus, it's finally time to start something new. I'm currently in the process of designing a velodrome (indoor bicycle race track) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The project description is as follows:
This project includes designing a velodrome, an indoor bicycle racing track, that will provide both a world class sporting venue for the nation and a civic amenity for the Portenas in the neighborhoods surrounding the site. The site is located between the neighborhoods of Colegiales and Palermo Hollywood just outside of the center of Buenos Aires. It is currently an under used industrial area close to public transportation, airports, and the port, and not far from many of the city's other sports venues that are located just to the north along the Rio de la Plata. The intent of this project is to explore the tectonics of long span structures; not just from the standpoint of connecting two points and supporting a roof, but creating a meaningful architectural space, shaping the volume of the building, controlling daylighting, articulating building joints, surfaces and finishes, creating an identity on the interior and exterior of the building, and relating this new form to the existing surrounding context. 

My initial design concept is to play off the juxtaposition between the site, a dense urban area with straight lines and well defined intersections, and what one might expect from a bicycle racing track - dynamic, motion fast and light, etc. I'm currently in the process of laying out the site. The actual velodrome is the largest building on the site. Right now, I'm thinking about taking the curtain wall on the eastern side of the building, giving it a big upward "swoosh," and making it a media panel that loops clips of bike races, etc.

Like I said, this is still the initial design phase, but I welcome any input or constructive criticism! Thanks!

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