28 March 2011

Top 5 Quotes from Studio Last Night

As I've stated a few times in previous posts, this term of studio (developing a Master Plan for Drexel University) has been quite different than what we are used to. Namely, the program has been made up as we go along, the studio sessions are a bit free form, assignments aren't always clear and there is an unusual amount of emphasis placed on inter- and intra-group collaboration. While I considered this a neat experiment and a valuable learning experience, I can see how the stress of the term is starting to take its toll on some students. A few nights ago at our last large group presentations, I heard more awesome/funny/sad student quotes packed into a single night of presentations than I've heard the first five years (which will be a topic covered in an upcoming post). So, here they are, the top five quotes overheard near the end of a particularly stressful term. Enjoy!

Fifth Place:
I'm not sure if this entrant needs any context. As a matter of fact, context may actually take away from this statement; it's funnier just to come into a conversation half way through and hear one student say to another:

"No, I don't have any children...or goats."

Fourth Place:
One of the running jokes about the space where our studio sections meet is that, despite being the home of architecture, nobody can seem to figure out how to run the heating/cooling system. Over the winter, it's hotter than the summer, you need a parka. I must say, during the final presentations on this particular early March night, it was hot to the point where I thought I may actually pass out. When one student leaned over to a classmate and said to her, "It's so hot in here, I actually think I crossed the threshold of hell," she replied:

"This isn't hell. If it were hell, at least Jimi Hendrix would be here."

Third Place:
For the final presentations, each group put together either a short video or PowerPoint presentation that was projected onto the wall. When one of the groups put their video up, the title seemed to be missing a bunch of letters, almost as if they were the same color as the background. When one fellow student pointed this out to another, the response was:

"The only letter this studio is 'WHY????'". 

Second Place:
It was tough trying to figure out which of the following two quotes would take home the grand prize. During a particularly well rehearsed, well put together presentation, when student A said to student B, "Yeah, I heard this group met every other Sunday throughout the term to work on this project and it shows... did you meet with your group on the weekends?" Student B replied:

"I don't put pants on on Sundays, never mind go to studio."

First Place:
There are several reasons this following quote took the gold. It is not only funny, but ironic and, quite frankly, a bit sad. It also captures the level of stress and anxiety you are put through as architecture student, unless you are mentally tough and an expert at time management. So, toward the end of a long evening, at the end of a long term, the first place quote I overheard during final group presentations goes as follows:

"I can't wait until I graduate so I never have to think about architecture ever again."

Ouch... let me know if you have any funny studio quotes to add to the mix! 

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