20 June 2011

Kelly's Quote of the Day: Running from Cops

It's no secret... between my wife and I, she's the funny one. This is something I understand and I live with. Every now and then, she'll say something when no one else is around, that I wish everyone could hear. This has happened a few times recently and I said to myself, "Now thats worthy of a Facebook status update." Well, the other night, she said something that made me decide to start a new feature called "Kelly's Quote of the Day."

For those of you who don't know my wife, she is very well mannered, often quiet, and always has the best of intentions. Most of the time, she'll put the well being of a stranger before her own, that's just the type of person she is. That's why when she says something worthy of a KQotD, it's so special. For those of you who do know Kelly, no context is really needed understand why things like this are funny.

Last weekend, standing in her parent's back yard after letting their dog in (they were on vacation), not understanding why I didn't want her to knock a bee's nest off the door with just a rolled up newspaper, Kelly turned to me and said:

"If I can outrun the cops, I can outrun a couple bees."

Enough said. Stay tuned for future posts.

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