23 December 2011

Homemade Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Although I have plans to make a nice little candle box, I decided to stay in the Christmas spirit and make a couple decoration/ornaments. The tree decorations are called "Angel Face Ornaments," I found the plans in a woodworking book. These were relatively easy to make, I just scaled up a print form the book and used a piece of transfer paper to get the outline the wood. It would have been nice to have a scroll saw so I could stack these and cut a few at a time, but I went the old fashioned route and cut these each by hand. I glued a piece of card stock on the back and attached some line to hang them from the tree. Add a picture and these are a nice, personalized, quick little addition to the tree.

The other decorations, mini reindeer, were made from some leftover wood I had from the manger scene. I drew them in SketchUp, then brought it into CAD for scaling and printing. This time I cut the shapes and traced them on the wood instead of using the transfer paper (because there were inside cuts). If you want the full size plans to trace and make your own, send me an email.

Happy Holidays!

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