01 June 2012

Best Uncle Ever

I have an ever growing laundry list of homework items that need to be attended to as I am currently in the home stretch of my last studio project before thesis begins. Thesis, by the way, starts only a few weeks after this class ends; not in the fall as I had anticipated. I am starting a new job, starting a new part time gig, doing side work in my free time, and all the while watching the list of household chores grows. So why then, you ask, did I spend my last free Sunday in the workshop building a BeyBlades battle area for my nephew when I could have been preparing for any or all of the above mentioned items... because I am the world's greatest Uncle (this is a statement of fact - I have the sweatshirt my nephew gave me for Christmas to prove it).

If you don't know what BeyBlades are, check them out...they are really cool. They are pretty much a modern version of a spinning top, but they spin for a REALLY long time. They are also made of metal and intended to "battle" with each other. I'm not too sure what the battle entails, but my nephew seems to have a good idea. The only problem with these BeyBlades is that, when you use them on the floor, they take off in two different directions and end up nowhere near each other let alone battling. That's why my nephew, AJ, asked me to build him a BeyBlades Battle Arena and the reason why I spend my last free day cutting and gluing.

Check these out if you have time:

Until next time, 3 - 2 - 1 - Let 'em Rip!!!

[caption id="attachment_576" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Oh yeah - and I made him a box to put all his BeyBlades and BeyBlades accessories in so he doesn't lose anymore pull cords...[/caption]

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